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There is growing evidence that global warming is real, and that we should do something about it.  If you're not sure about that, click here.  This group hosts a monthly lecture series to discuss the science of global warming, and the engineering and economics of its solutions, with a preference for market friendly solutions likely to achieve bipartisan support.  The lectures will occur about once per month, on weeknights, in midtown Manhattan, and free pizza will be served.

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There is a desperate need for conservative participation in solving climate change.  To date, the effort is completely dominated by the far left, who are NOT up to the task.  They are using global warming as an EXCUSE to make absurd left-wing demands that have nothing whatsoever to do with the environment:

There is an author, Naomi Klein, who wrote a book and a movie, This Changes Everything, that says we have to "end capitalism" to address global warming:  Not so fast, Naomi!  We had several countries try very hard to "end capitalism" in the 20th century, and we had 30 million die during peacetime under Chairman Mao (2 million of them directly murdered), 7 million deliberately starved and 13 million others murdered by Stalin during peacetime, and when the Marxist Pol Pot conquered Cambodia in the seventies, the first thing he did ” was murder everyone over 65 because they "weren't productive".  Among Cambodians who were teenagers at that time, women now outnumber men six to one because of all the bloodshed.

Jill Stein's Green Party had a "Green New Deal" as part of their 2012 platform that included:

both of which would require amendments to the constitution, plus

The "Green New Deal" promoted by the social media superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the Sunrise movement demands that

FOCUS, Naomi, Jill, & Alexandria, FOCUS!!!  Can we at least maintain some pretense of trying to solve the environmental problem?

Yale did a fraudulent poll that Cortez's fans are citing to claim that she has crafted a plan with bipartisan support when in fact she has done nothing of the sort.

David Duke's Green New Deal

Most of the environmental movement is very, very far left, with the result that environmental groups are often so politically homogeneous that they quickly reach a solid consensus among themselves around wacko, irrelevant, extremist ideas that have zero hope of making it past the senate filibuster, let alone of achieving the decades of sustained bipartisan support needed to address global warming, and nobody in the room will raise their hand and say "Hey!  That's crazy!".  In 2016, the Sierra Club and some other environmental groups refused to support a carbon tax in Washington State because, in part, it didn't do enough for "communities of color" and the statement of refusal was talking about "our allies in the labor, social justice, immigrant, and tribal communities".  It was when he saw that statement that the organizer of this group realized that the eco-left had LOST ITS FRIGGING MIND and was USELESS at it's supposed goal of saving the planet, and that it would be necessary to start a group to get conservatives involved in the solution to global warming.

Another thing is that much of environmental movement is technically and economically illiterate.  See this debate about global warming where climate skeptic Senator Ted Cruz, a lawyer with NO technical background, demolishes Aaron Mair, the head of the Sierra Club.  In fact, many environmentalists are WAY beyond technically illiterate -- they are downright Luddites whose idea of scientific discourse is going on and on about how cute and cuddly polar bears are.  And polar bears aren't really that "cuddly" -- if you ever met one in the wild, it would immediately tear you apart and eat you!!!  What's more, they aren't even particularly endangered -- all that footage of drowning polar bears in An Inconvenient Truth was basically just made up!  It's a cartoon!  There will be NO talk of polar bears, whales, or baby seals at this meetup -- given the sorts of potential bad outcomes we are facing, if all three go extinct, we'll be getting off pretty easy.


Temperatures have been rising for the last 40 years:

Yearly Global Temperatures for the Last 40 Years
NOAA (US Gov't Nat'l Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. -- they have satellites)

Most liberal climate activists believe that the approach should be to just defeat the conservatives and impose climate change solutions against their will.  This won't work, because climate action will have far-ranging impact on the economy, and the effort has to be sustained for several decades.  It is unrealistic to expect one party to control both the executive and legislative branches for anywhere near that long.  The Democratic Party controlled the executive (and I'm not sure about congress) for 20 years from 1932-1952 (and Truman's re-election in 1948 was so close that he went to bed thinking he had lost), and it took a Great Depression, spectacular incompetence of the preceding Hoover administration, and a world war to bring that about.

What we have now is that Democrats try to take climate action, and progress is slow unless they have a filibuster-proof majority in congress, and as soon as Republicans come to power, they dismantle all that progress overnight. We'll never get anywhere that way. It's a long way to getting conservatives on board, but it's our only hope.

And such progress is being made!!!  There is currently legislation in BOTH chambers of congress, which had both Republican and Democratic sponsors in each chamber.  It was sponsored by 1 Republican and 1 Democrat in the senate, and by 3 Republicans and 7 Democrats in the House.  Jeff Flake, the senate Republican, is no longer in office, but all the other sponsors still are.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

Here is another write-up of the same idea that was written before the legislation existed, which does a better explanation of why this approach is preferable to others that people may have in mind: Carbon Fee and Dividend

Above is a TED talk based on basically the same idea from the Climate Leadership Council, a Republican organization endorsed by 27 Nobel laureates, all 4 living former Fed chairs, and 15 former chairs of the Council of Economic Advisors.

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