Fatality Rates
per Petawatt-Hour

Source: Forbes Magazine: Click Here.
Energy Source Death Rate
Coal: China 170,000
Coal: World 100,000
Oil 36,000
Biofuel 24,000
Coal: USA 10,000
Natural Gas 4,000
Hydro: Global 1,400
Rooftop Solar 440
Wind 150
Nuclear: Global Including Chernobyl, Fukushima, and Three Mile Island 90
Hydro: US 5
Nuclear: US Including Three Mile Island 0.1

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Coal is just an awful source of energy in terms of deaths, the soot pollution just outright kills people. We should phase it out whether global warming is a problem or not.

Rooftop solar has a problem that installers and maintenance workers fall off the roofs and die.

The problem with hydro is that, every once in awhile, dams burst and the rushing water wipes out whole cities downstream. There was one particularly catastrophic dam failure at Banqiao, China that killed 170,000 people (42 Chernobyl's worth).

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